That’s a lot of value for just $25 Furthermore, you will get all future updates/upgrades for free.
Quick Dictation Box Faster and safer than Dragon dictation box. Bigger interface and better readability. You have four versions at your disposal. Additional lightning fast Power Commands. Discover more Quick Store Ultrafast saving of website URLs and text. Automatically stores your input to a safe place. Comes with powerful voice commands. No more interruption of your workflow! Discover more Hotkeys for Dragon Execute complex Dragon voice commands  with the touch of a single button! Give your voice a rest and avoid voice strain.  Assign and edit Hotkeys in real-time. Discover more Ergonomic Command Set  Avoid voice strain and try this command set  of 50 fast-working productivity commands.  You will find yourself using them on a daily  basis and they will stimulate you to come up  with your own ergonomic commands!

Speech Productivity 3.0 only works with Dragon Professional editions not with cheaper Standard or Premium Dragon versions unless you have KnowBrainer installed. Learn more

Quick Correct Perform bulk edits of words, sentences, characters and unwanted spaces by voice. Perform multiple on-the-fly edits to your text with just two voice commands. Discover moreChrome Search This fast select-and-say enabled search box  will greatly enhance your internet searches.  Problems with the Chrome web extension? Use Chrome Search instead! Discover moreSpeech Productivity 3.0 features:Buying from Speech Productivity is completely risk-free. If you're not satisfied with the product you will  get an immediate refund.