That’s a lot of value for just $25 Furthermore, you will get all future/upgrades for free.
Introduction Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional is the best choice for people who have trouble using a  standard keyboard and mouse. Now there is SP 4.2 to add extra functionality and speed to it.  Improve your speech productivity and convenience! Quick Store Ultrafast saving of website URLs and text in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Silently store your input to a safe place with  a single voice command! No more interruption of your workflow! Discover more

Note: Speech Productivity 4.2 only works with Dragon Professional editions (not with Standard or Premium).

Chrome Search This fast select-and-say enabled search box  will greatly enhance your internet searches.  Problems with the Chrome web extension? Use Chrome Search instead! Discover moreSP 4.2 features:Buying from Speech Productivity is completely risk-free. If you're not satisfied with the product you will get  an immediate refund.Dragon & VC Restart (DPI 15 only) Fast, clean and hasslefree restarting of Dragon  and VoiceComputer with a single Hotkey! Did Dragon get unresponsive? No problem. You won’t even have to leave the application you are working in! Discover moreSpeaker Speaker is now part of the SP 4.2 package.  It reads out loud any text you have selected  using your default Windows 10 voice. Contrary to Dragon TTS voices, Speaker also works in Thunderbird and Internet browsers. Discover more